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Stump Grinding & Removal Services

Stump removal is tedious and involves heavy machinery. Connect with Top Point Tree today for easy, fast, and quality stump removal services. We help preserve the health and beauty of plants in Brazos County, TX.

Top Point Tree Will Grind, Remove, and Replace Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can be more than just an eyesore to our Texas neighborhoods; they can become hazardous to your property! Tree stumps can be home to dangerous insects, pesky creatures, or infectious plant diseases. Top Point Tree is prepared with all the necessary equipment and insurance for stump grinding and tree root removal. 

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Stump Grinding Service Overview

Stump grinding is a tedious process that requires the right equipment to make removing tree roots easier. Leave it to the professionals at Top Point Tree to grind and remove your stump.

  • We use heavy machinery with powerful blades to shred the stump into small wood chips.
  • The stump grinder stops at the surface before the main roots and does not damage structures that may be below ground.
  • The resulting wood chips are nutrient rich for other plants and can be used as mulch.
  • If necessary, our arborists proceed to eliminate the tree roots.

Top Point Tree makes sure to take care of your surrounding landscape with minimal damage during all stump grinding services and remove that stump safely and efficiently. For all our residents needing stump removal in Brazos County, Texas, count on our team to take care of your needs! 

Stump Removal Service Options in Brazos County, TX

There are several options to deal with your tree stump without leaving it to decay on its own. Top Point Tree offers quality stump removal services that put your safety and the preservation of the land first. Our arborists are licensed, insured, and equipped with the right tools to remove all sizes of stumps. Based on the needs of your property, we can provide:
  • Complete stump grinding services to eliminate chances of rot and fungus
  • Complete stump root removal to ensure nothing grows back
  • Replacing stump remains with mulch to nourish the fresh land
Customize our stump removal services with a consultation with our certified arborists. They will recommend the best course of action for your stump situation.

What Happens with Stump Remains?

The stump remains will begin the decaying process and, if left in the ground, can lead to disease, rot, or fungus. Removing the stump and using the remains as other resources is a more environmentally-conscious option for taking care of your property!

With the stump remains, you can:

  • Use stump or grounds as firewood or composting
  • Use stump grounds as mulch to renourish your yard and deter pests
  • Use grindings as filler if you choose to do root excavation— there will be a big hole left in its place!

Top Point Tree follows the standards the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) sets to take care of the land. We provide the best solution for tree maintenance. Our certified arborists will work with you and offer recommendations that fit your needs. Contact an arborist today!

Top Point Tree Is the Right Choice for Stump Removals in Texas

When it comes to stump removal services, Top Point Tree is a trusted provider! Our expertise and customer service have given us a well-earned reputation near Bryan, Texas, with our commercial and residential customers.

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Our ISA Certified Arborists will assess your tree service needs, whether it’s stump removal, root removal, or removing the whole tree. We aim to provide you with the right solutions in the safest and easiest way possible at a competitive price!

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