Firewood Services


Whether you need firewood for heating your home, cooking in your pit smoker, or having a bonfire in your fire pit, we have you covered. We carry a variety of types of wood, including Post Oak, Pecan, Hickory, and even Mesquite by special order. Typically, our logs are cut to an average 16 inches in length, but if you would like your logs custom-cut, we can do that for you. All we ask is that you please call and give us adequate time to complete this for you.


We sell fresh cut and seasoned firewood, depending on our inventory and your specifications. Local delivery within 50 miles of our warehouse in College Station, TX is free, plus an additional fee for unloading and stacking firewood; however, we offer significant discounts if you come to our warehouse and load and haul your own firewood. If you would like to take advantage of our firewood delivery services, or pick up your firewood from our facility, please call Top Point Tree and make an appointment today!
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